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Registered Referral Representative Program

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Many satisfied Moonlight clients enjoy the opportunity to pass along the name of their Internet Presence Provider simply in recognition of a job well done. Others appreciate the challenge of exploring new business opportunities for fun and profit.  While still others, prefer to leverage their business contacts for the benefit of community programs and non-profit organizations.

To satisfy a wide variety of personal and business objectives, Moonlight has created the Registered Referral Representative Program.  Under the program, Moonlight offers a referral fee based on our standard Web Presence Programs in return for assistance in securing new clients.  Registered Representatives or Organizations can  receive a referral fee based on the Web Presence Program selected by a NEW user of Moonlight Web Services.

This unique approach to referral business creates exciting opportunities for individuals and for community programs and non-profit organizations.  An individual could elect to solicit new clients and use the referral fee as supplemental income or as savings towards a special purchase.  Community programs and non-profit organizations can fashion a fund raiser around  the receipt of referral fees originating from members or friends.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in the Moonlight Registered Referral Program, please E-mail us for further details.  Be sure to include your telephone number, e-mail address and mailing address.


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